Welcome to Caffe Trieste

A Mostly Authentic Italian Coffee Experience

Great Conversations

Caffe Trieste is more than a daily coffee ritual; it is where friends and colleagues share time and belong.

Beautiful Adventures

Whether your coffee is to stay or to take away, Caffe Trieste is coffee of the moment, for the moment.

Wholesome Food

Our food comes from traditional Italian kitchen principles; we strive to use the finest ingredients to create beautiful food for our friends and family to enjoy.

Where Tradition Begins

More than 250 years ago the modern coffee culture was born in the Italian port city of Trieste. The aroma of fresh roasted coffee continues to hang thickly in the air. Our multi generational roaster and trusted supply partner continues to wood roast their coffee beans in Trieste.

Caffe Trieste was conceived from a good place with only the best intentions. We believe in loyal friends, good colleagues and a supportive family that all continually engage in rich conversation. Our traditional wood roasted coffee, our beautiful food and our cold beverages are all created to continue the time honoured Italian traditions that are intertwined in our modern day lifestyles. We strive to be fair, we strive to be natural, we strive to “make the world a better place”.



Our espresso coffee bean blend is named after the famous Puccini Aria “Nussun Dorma” (Neh-soon Door-mah) – None One Sleeps. It is comprised of eight prized coffee origin beans that are wood roasted and are masterfully blended in Trieste creating a elegantly round, velvety smooth, delicate espresso.




Caffe Mocha

kaf-fey moh-kaah

Cappuccino Senza Schiuma

kap-oo-chee-no sen-zah skee-you-ma

Espresso Macchiato

ess–press–oh mah-kya-toe



Doppio Espresso

dough–pyoh ess–press–oh

Espresso con Panna

ess-press-oh cone paaah–nah

Caffe Latte

kaf-fey laah-tay




If you are the best Barista in your neighbourhood, join us in creating our “Italian Coffee Tradition”.Send your resume in confidence to: careers@caffetriesteinc.ca

Caffe Trieste

The CORE Shopping Centre – C0310
751 3rd Street, SW Calgary AB
T2P 2Z2 Canada
Phone number: 587-353-8090


The CORE Shopping Centre
C0310-751 3rd Street, SW
Calgary, AB
T2P 2Z2 Canada
Tel: 587-353-8090


Monday to Wednesday
7:00am – 6:00pm
Thursday – Friday
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